SAP Workflow Online Training its Significance and Concepts

The very concept of SAP Workflow is the set of rules that confirm the trail that the method takes. However, any requisition takes up the form of action plan at the very initiation of its request to the end of the acquisition order. Though there is no significant monetary benefit of the process adopted but the amount of time saved in optimizing the processes might simply translate into cash. The standard of processes is set as per the procurement of relevant information.

Enterprises managing authority may not have enough time to involve in every work flow measures, therefore some able qualification and standard for a particular job would suffice the need and reduces the work burden to fast up the process of work flow. As the cycle time reduces to fulfill a particular job so as the quality of the work flow increases for a better outcome.

The below are the concepts of SAP Workflow to which one need to tune in to master the work flow process;

  • Introduction to WORKFLOW
  • What is BOR Object
  • Available SAP Standard BOR Objects & Their Utilization across SAP Business Process
  • WORKFLOW Configurations
  • Understanding the existing SAP standard WORKFLOW Templates & Their Use
  • WORKFLOW Events and Methods
  • What is WORKFLOW Task
  • Creation of WORKFLOW Task and its Utilization
  • WORKFLOW Binding Definitions
  • Custom BOR objects Creation and Utilization
  • WORKFLOW Agent Determination
  • WORKFLOW Rule Creation & its Utilization
  • DAILOG Step Creation for User Action
  • Utilization of Available SAP WORKFLOW Techniques
  • WORKFLOW Notifications
  • Deadline Monitoring Configuration and Use
  • WORKFLOW Administration
  • WORKLFOW Trace
  • WORKFLOW Debugging
  • WORKFLOW Consultant Role in Support Projects
  • WORKFLOW Error Analysis Techniques and Guidance
  • PCRs with WORKFLOW
  • WORKFLOW Reports

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