Importance of SAP ABAP and Course Particulars

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is a system that provides users with a soft real time business application which contains a user interface to interpret user’s commands and make it flexible to the ERP SAP environment. The two important issues of concern in SAP are security and data integrity; it helps the world in advancing successfully in every business venture and improves the efficiency. Started in 1972 by a five member IBM employee’s team in Germany to become the world’s largest enterprise software company.


ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a high level programming language created by the German software company SAP and is one of the application specific fourth Generation Language 4GL developed in 1980s for SAP R/3 system. SAP runs applications written using ABAP/4. ABAP cannot run directly on an operating system, it requires a set of programs to load, interpret and buffer its input and output.

ABAP helps to write software code for SAP system, any naïve user can learn SAP without any software background. The SAP ABAP helps many large enterprises develop its business rapidly. The whole enterprise world is not revolving round SAP to improvise their standards of business and become successful in every move made.

SAP ABAP course structure is designed in a manner easily followed by any naïve software user. The following are the main concepts dealt with flair of expertise at

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to SAP & R/3 Architecture
  • Introduction to ABAP/4
  • ABAP Dictionary
  • Packages
  • Variants
  • Message Classes
  • Selection Screens
  • Open SQL statements
  • Internal Tables
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Modularization Techniques
  • Reports
  • Dialog/Module Pool Programming/Transactions
  • Batch Data Communication
  • SAP Scripts
  • Smart Forms
  • ALV Reports
  • Runtime Analysis & SQL Tracing
  • Cross Applications
  • RFC
  • ALE
  • IDocs
  • EDI
  • BAPIs
  • Workflow
  • User Exits
  • BADIs
  • OOPS concept
  • Miscellaneous Topics

The course duration is 45-50 hrs with each class duration of 1-1.5hrs. Timings are flexible and can be opted as per the student’s convenience.  24/7 server access is ensured under supervision of expert faculty members. The lectures delivered are of high value by expert SAP professionals.