SAP Success Factors Course Particulars

Success Factors Course furnishes you with the essentials of every application, except a significant part of the genuine learning happens on undertakings so it is encouraged to shadow an accomplished adviser on your initial few activities. Like with any product, there are numerous subtleties and provisos that you can’t learn in an instructional class and there is not a viable alternative for experience.


Clients need to comprehend that it is the Wild West out there at this time and it is imperative that your Success Factors Consultant has the proper knowledge, confirmations, and experience as without it they are not going to have the capacity to help you sufficiently.

The length and content of each SAP Success Factors course can vary. Each course assumes 8 hours of study per day and it is strongly advised to schedule no other work during the course time as this impedes the ability to learn the content and pass the course.

Part-1 Introduction to Success Factors Framework

Part -2 Admin System Introduction

Common term (SF terms and concepts)

Using Admin tool

Navigation setup

Part -3

Personalization Instance

Upload Logo

Manage Data User Records

Manage Security Proxy

Company settings

Email Notification setup

Customize text

Part -4

Employee Data file

Employee Profile

Part -5


Rating Scale and

Route Maps

Part -6 Role Based Permissions

Part -7


Part –8

Module wise overview (Employee central, Recruiting, LMS, SM/PM/GM).

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