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SAP Solution Manager(SAP SOLMAN) Course Details

SAP Solution Manager, eluded as SAP SOLMAN, is a thorough Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool that gives different tools, utilities and systems to encourage mechanize and organize one or more application administration forms however out the lifecycle of your application in your application surroundings. It gives a focal stage to work all your application administration forms under one top.


SAP SOLMAN being a complete application lifecycle administration tool, you can take the assistance of SOLMAN’s functionalities to work your application all the more productively. So whether you are a SAP practical specialist, or SAP specialized advisor or whether you are SAP BASIS expert or even SAP end client, you will need to learn SAP SOLMAN. Also with the current arrival of SAP SOLMAN, it additionally encourages application administration for non SAP applications too. So the individuals who don’t take a shot at SAP applications can likewise learn SAP SOLMAN to utilize its different application administration functionalities.

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Online Training

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) gives adaptable, mechanized backing for the handling of all merchandise developments and the administration of stock in your stockroom complex. The framework upholds the booked and effective stream of all logistics forms inside your distribution center.


SAP Extended Warehouse Management is totally coordinated into stock administration and conveyance handling. Business exchanges that you launch in other application segments lead to physical products developments in your stockroom. You sort out, control, and screen these merchandise developments in EWM. More →

SAP Plant & Maintenance Online Training

The SAP PM Application part gives organizations a complete programming answer for all upkeep exercises that are performed inside an organization. The uniform, graphical client interface is especially easy to understand and rapidly meets with acknowledgement on account of the various conceivable outcomes that are accessible for customizing it to meet individual business necessities.
The information and capacities of all upkeep methodology performed inside an organization can be completely between associated. The openness of the R/3 System empowers you to utilize outer frameworks that are coordinated with the PM part, for example, geological data frameworks (GIS), machine helped configuration (CAD) frameworks and supervisory control and information obtaining (SCADA) frameworks.


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SAP Enterprise Portal Online Training

SAP Enterprise Portal is a building block of SAP Net Weaver designed to integrate and align individual’s data and business processes across technologies and organizations. This also serves as an application platform which helps in execution, management and closed loop decision making process.

EP offers users with role based entry purpose into gift systems like SAP R/3, databases, documents, online page, alternative information sources and a spread of applications. The SAP EP is constructed on SAP Net weaver the platform that mixes, unifies and aligns individual’s data and processes across enterprise and technology boundaries.

The Enterprise Portal is an interactive processing system that displays flashy information and publishes reports or selling material of high quality. Go through the course structure of SAP EP for a better understanding of the concepts included in the course.

mySAPgurus provides the best online SAP training programme that consists of all SAP courses, out of which SAP EP is based on the specific needs of the learners. The training pattern is one to one class room teaching that helps in exploring the new heights and challenge’s of today’s competitive world, very interactive session organized by highly talented expert crew who are available at student’s flexible timings.

The experts help the student grasp the technology subject at ease along with practical session help.  The team ensures quality training and guidance throughout the course and also helpful in getting placed in a corporate environment or a freelancer of your choice at the earliest.

Any online SAP course offered at mySAPgurus is delivered with dedicated commitment and zeal of master the course at ease. The passionate young team is always at your rescue to help you out with all queries related to course or career opportunities available.

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SAP Web Dynpro for Web Applications

SAP Web Dynpro ABAP is a useful web based application that is in high demand in the market. The reason behind it could be its minimum coding facility that allows you to create web applications within your SAP system.

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Significance of SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management is a wide ranging approach to managing an enterprise’s interactions with the organizations that supply the goods and services it uses. To strengthen the relationship between suppliers and enterprises SAP SRM plays a vital role of executing the processes needed for a smooth functioning of services. So as SAP CRM is helpful in guarding the relationships between enterprise and customer within an organization.


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Interactive SAP Adobe Forms

Usage of electronic forms is of higher importance in any business. SAP interactive forms by Adobe automate forms data entry and enhance user experience and compliance.  It helps realize the power of electronic forms to develop, deploy, and manage interactive forms-driven business processes and automate paper-based activities. This software of SAP Adobe forms is useful in extending SAP software systems to employees, customers, and partners even on mobile devices.

These interactive e-forms have lot of advantages like

  • Streamlines the user experience by automating tasks relating to electronic forms
  • Reduces costs associated with manual data entry by saving time and money.
  • Comply with regulations by simplifying use of mandated forms, auditing, and archiving.
  • Simplify’s interactive e-form deployment and management by improving efficiency.
  • Easy access from anywhere anytime empowers users.

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe offer the following basic functions:

  •  Create form templates for the layout that include logos or pictures
  • Generate documents by merging form templates and current system data
  •  Edit forms online or offline
  •  Forms can be filled in advance automatically with specific data from SAP applications and then sent to the correct recipients using secure methods
  • Automatic consistency checks for forms
  •  Activate enhanced functions such as comments
  • Digital signatures and form certification
  • Send completed forms to the SAP application with automatic updates of the business data

The below are the topics dealt in depth about SAP Adobe Forms:


Advantages and Need of Adobe forms

Differences between Online and Offline Interactive forms

Business Example

Designing a Form




Form Context

Form Layout

Scripting Events

Generate the form

Data Retrieval and Processing

Get the generated function module

End form processing

Sending an SAP Editable Adobe form as an attachment in an Email

Creating Adobe form using ABAP

Web Dynpro


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Overview of SAP EHS and Course Details

SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management supports with its different functionalities environmental, occupational and product safety processes, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility. The processes help to defend the amount of risk factors that arouse during the smooth execution of functions. The department of Environment, Health and Safety are interlinked and depend mutually on each other for a better outcome of services. This is accomplished by embedding corporate policies, compliance, and environmental, health and safety capabilities with global business processes for human resources, logistics, production and finance.

SAP helps you manage these processes with the following:

  • Employee health and safety functionality of SAP EHS Management helps to manage incidents and industrial hygiene and occupational health processes, and supports you to ensure safe and compliant handling of hazardous substances.

  • Product safety and stewardship functionality of SAP EHS Management helps to meet legal, safety, and sustainability obligations along the supply chain, and supports compliant product storage, packaging, shipping, and transportation.

  • Environmental compliance management functionality of SAP EHS Management helps you ensure compliance with environmental laws and policies and reduces associated efforts, and risks on plant and corporate levels.

  • Product and REACH compliance functionality of SAP EHS Management helps to comply with product and material compliance regulations for all industries and helps to secure your right to market your products.

  • SAP Best Practices for Analytics packages in sustainability enables visibility of environment, health, and safety risks with predefined analytics that rapidly identify exceptions needing corrective actions.



Concepts dealt in SAP EHS:

1.  SAP Overview

2.   EHS Overview

3.   ASAP Methodology (Stages of Project)

4.   Introduction to ERP

5.   Familiarization with SAP

6.   Basic Data & Tools

7.   Product Safety

8.   Hazardous Substance Management

9.   Dangerous Goods Management

10. Industrial Hygiene and Safety

11. Waste Management

12. Occupational Health

13. Reporting System (WWI)

14. Basic Workflow

15. Roles And Profile Definition

16. Resume Preparation

17. Mock Interview and Interview tips

18. Cross Application Components for Integration with SAP EHS information


Learn SAP EHS online in 60 hrs with flexible timing sessions that lasts for 1 – 1.5 hrs a day. The server access provided to practice is 24/7. Enroll today at http://www.mysapgurus.com for expert training facility.

Significance of SAP HR ABAP in an Organization

ABAP HR is the development of ABAP in the area of HR to meet the client’s requirements according to the functional specifications like recruitment, pay, time, ESS, OM etc. The role of a HR in an organization is crucial consisting of the responsibility in maintaining the past and present details of an employee. Day by day assessment of employee’s performance in terms of work and other aspects are carefully monitored. This in course helps in improvement of the employee and significantly the organization.




Employee’s information need to be maintained in database and retrieved as per the need within an organization. Logical databases which are not of much use in other SAP modules is of great importance in ABAP HR. The infotype time constraint concept need to be understood properly to work on function modules HR* and RH* which provides you with multiple ways of accessing data to save time.

Infotypes are the only way to pull current HR data from a screen in HR. ABAP programming must utilize infotypes to capture accurate information from the same screen like New Hire, Termination and Leave of Absence. ABAP HR is integral part of ABAP which helps in programming aspects like Table development, Data Processing, Report developing, BAPIs/RFCs, Database update, Screens development/enhancement, Scripts and smart forms, Function Building, Java Connectors etc.

All these are basically done through the programming in ABAP builder by using ABAP 4th generation language. This may be related to any module of my SAP ERP 2004 like HR, FICO, SD, MM, CRM etc.

The course details of SAP HR ABAP: SAP

  • Introduction to HR Module
  • Introduction to Organizational Structure
  • Differences between ABAP & HR
  • Logical Databases (LDBs)
  • Creating the Logical Databases
  • LDB Events
  • Analyze Standard LDBs
  • Introduction & Maintain the Master Data
  • Infotypes
  • Definition of Infotype
  • Creating a new Infotype
  • Enhancing the Standard Infotype
  • Time Constraints
  • HR Specific Macros
  • Reporting
  • Repeat Structures
  • HR
  • Interfaces
  • Clusters & Payroll reporting
  • Interfacing Tool Kit
  • FAQs
  • Assistance in Resume Preparation
  • Workshop on Real Time Concepts


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Learn SAP to Improvise Career Opportunities

It’s a natural instinct of struggle for any university passed out graduate or a post graduate for a bright career startup. Venturing out for various opportunities and decide on one specific field is a challenging task. Time is always an attribute that stops for no one to take a cool decision on future proceedings. Running out equally parallel with our desired destined goals to reach is very important deal to make. Considering the faster growth in all departments like education, business, health, etc , look for the best opportunity that would help you improvise in your career as well as your basic interest.

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