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Resource Staffing Facility at mySAPgurus

Today employment to younger generations are scarce is very often heard in every media source. But technically speaking the scarcity is for talent and not for candidates, No doubt the number of unemployed youth is increasing periodically but the actual deficit is in the lack of talents to the upcoming young generations. In 100 students being qualified in a particular course the real talented one is found only in 10 students making 10% of the whole some.


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Analyses Needed before Opting for a SAP Career

SAP is the current booming platform to opt for a brighter career opportunity. It is strong Enterprise tool to enlighten and improvise a business. As many organizations round the globe realized the importance and need to update and incorporate SAP technologies into their strategic business needs, there is definitely a lot of demand for SAP Experts.

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SAP EHS- Online Training course for Ideal Career

Most of the Companies that are coming up these days have lot of credits in store for an employee to be absorbed. Which is also a key concept of attracting worthy employees that best suit to the organization? This very approach of concern towards the incoming staff helps the business not only to grow but stabilize for a longer period.

This very notion of companies welcomes SAP EHS known as SAP Environment, Health and Safety. The environmental, health and safety protection for an average employee is given utmost importance. The SAP EHS is one such tool that helps companies provide supreme quality of such products to the customers as well as employees. The course is mainly dealt with two aspects, the first part covers the various abnormal incidents, and the second part concentrates on reduction of the effects that are caused because of various operational issues which includes various disastrous issues. More →

SAP ABAP Online Training course details

This is a very popular programming language used for business applications by many organizations round the globe. A beginner to the world of programming also can comfortably get acquainted to the course. ABAP stands for Systems Business Application Programming which is a 4th generation language used for developing applications for the SAP R/3 system.

The course is delivered by expert SAP trainers at mySAPgurus who are available as per your convenience. The following are the details of course and timings.

Timings         : Mornings/Evenings/Weekends/Custom

Mode of Training: Regular/Fast Track

Course Duration : 45-50hrs

Class Duration  : 1-1.5 hrs

Server Version  : ECC6.0

Unlimited server access to practice the day to day case studies(24/7 Server Access Hands)

The course deals with the following set of concepts:

ERP, SAP & R/3 Architecture, ABAP/4, ABAP Dictionary, Packages, Variants, Message Classes, Selection Screens, Open SQL Statements, Internal Tables, Debugging Techniques, Modularization Techniques, Reports, Dialogs/Module Pool Programming/Transactions, Batch Data Communication, SAP Scripts, Smart Forms, ALV Reports, Runtime Analysis & SQL Tracing, Cross Applications, RFC, ALE, IDocs, EDI, BAPIs, Workflow, User Exits, BADIs, OOPS Concept, Miscellaneous Topics,

The detailed concepts are accompanied with set of notes documented for further purpose. The hierarchy of grasping the topics is very well maintained and ordered so that a student is not confused or given unnecessary stress in follow up.

The chances of excelling in career with SAP ABAP are brighter and offer a platform to showcase one’s talent in the world of Ecommerce by associating with a reputed organization. For more details on course details contact us

Necessity of SAP for Business Applications

Today’s Business is not confined to a particular geographical area or limitations. The perspective of Business is to wipe out the length and breadth of its surroundings and widen up to unreachable boundaries. This very aspect need to compete with all the latest trends and technologies. Adopting SAP to enhance business scope is a wise decision and welcomed by many Businesses today.

The advantage of SAP for Business Applications is to integrate business software across your businesses including mobile, in-memory technology, cloud and more.  Upgrading of current software to integrate effectively without disruption, creates a platform to quickly adopt to technologies with very minor risk factors, easily supports industries and business lines with comfort that are spread worldwide. Right information access by fast decision making approach. More →

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a flexible in-memory database that overrides the legacy databases like Oracle/Microsoft/IBM/Teradata platforms by giving a strong support to the hardware, provisioning, support and business continuity. SAP HANA is bought as a Service (HaaS) to accelerate the delivery time and portable enough to setup the systems and networks work at their best.

Business network in the HANA enterprise cloud helps in lowering stocks and increasing in working capital, sales, by reducing the unnecessary costs that cause in inflation. The supply chain system within the cloud alerts and informs about the increase in demand on businesses. More →

Cloud Technology Intervention into SAP

Ever since Cloud Technology has made its way into businesses, companies started competing by adapting to this technology in order to boost up their flexibility and widen up their options in this ever changing innovative world. This up gradation should also be compatible enough for the business processes which otherwise might lead to different complexities. The awareness on using these technologies and its functionality need to be communicated effectively between user, customer, and the business as such, Cloud Computing is one such tool which eases and finds solution for business related complexities. More →

Importance of SAP for Organizations

The advent of Systems Analysis and Program Development (SAP) has opened up a bright technological insight to many A type big businesses however, since its evolution of 1972 it was used only by small and medium businesses and now it is ruling the technology market with its enterprise applications. Focusing different areas of business several applications of SAP have been developed. The prime focus of SAP usage is in areas of Finance and Accounting Control, SAP Database Administrators, SAP Security Consultants, SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Sales and Distribution, SAP information warehouse and many more.

Due to SAP’s complexity of implementation which requires adequate knowledge and training they were very less takers of the subject but after online SAP training sites and expertise professionals mastered the subject it has become easy to train and employ SAP professionals in required field in organizations. More →

SAP Online Courses and Consultants Hub mySAPgurus.com

MySAPgurus is SAP online Training portal providing training courses for all corporate training needs of IT managers, IT staff and End Users on all functional and Technical modules.

SAP being the epitome of latest technology and the adaption of SAP technologies in corporate world to compete with the current IT market trend has targeted many upcoming IT graduates to learn and master SAP courses to procure employment in Multi National Companies. This very quench for SAP learning has given way to many SAP Training institutes and online training courses. mySAPgurus.com is one such portal serving the needs of many enthusiastic learners under guidance of expert SAP trainers. More →